Who are we?

Customised 4U Pharmacy is a Pharmacy specialising in formulating and sourcing products for patients with currently unmet medical needs, providing individualised medicines in BHRT. Within our company division capabilities, we have bespoke manufacturing capability onsite to fulfil your individual patient requirements.

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What we do:

  • Source and arrange the manufacture of bespoke BHRT and associated products to your patient requirements.
  • Supply/dispense prescriptions to clinic, doctor or direct to patient
  • Clinical patient liaison
  • Formulation creation and advice
  • Education

Why use us:

  • 2-3 day leadtime
  • Sourcing of bespoke products from our MHRA licensed manufacturing facility.
  • VersaBase™ cream base – specifically developed for hormone delivery
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Work in partnership
  • Patient counselling, aftercare and advice

What we supply:

  • Transdermal creams/gels
  • Vaginal creams/gels
  • Capsules
  • Lozenges
  • Liquids
  • Shampoos
  • Injections
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Pessaries
  • Suppositories
  • Sachets
  • Tablets


What do we do?

Send us your patient prescription for manufacture. We have formulation expertise available should you wish to discuss specific products with us either before prescribing or when you have your patients prescription ready. We will arrange the manufacture of the prescription in high quality MHRA approved and fully licensed facilities by fully trained staff.

We will dispatch your products directly to your patient after payment. Alternatively, we can deliver back to your clinic.


What do we do?

Our BHRT products are only available on prescription from your doctor, who will discuss with you any individual requirements and potential side effects when using the medication.

Your doctor will send your prescription directly to us for the specialist manufacture of your bespoke prescription requirements after they have discussed this with you. We will arrange the manufacture of your prescription in high quality MHRA approved and fully licensed facilities by fully trained staff.

We will advise an expected delivery date when you pay for your product. Typically products will be despatched to you within 48 hours of payment.

In certain circumstances this can take longer, for example a new formulation or product. If your order will take longer than the advised delivery date we will contact you and keep you updated throughout the process.

Please call us on 0800 035 3078 to arrange payment of your prescription.

How to order


  • Step one

    Once you have registered with us, send your prescription to us by fax or email. (Call us if you have any formulation queries)

  • Step two

    Place the original prescription in the pre-paid envelope provided* or ask for information on our Electronic Prescribing System (EPS).

    *Regulations stipulate that we cannot dispense your product until the original prescription has been received.

  • Step three

    Prescriptions will be fulfilled and dispensed within 2 working days of the original prescription being received.

  • Step four

    Delivery is direct to the patient or clinic.


FOR PATIENTS (only available after consultation with your Doctor who will then write your prescription for your personal requirements)

  • Step one

    After your Physician/Doctor has prescribed your medication, they will send the prescription to us.

  • Step two

    Call us on 0800 035 3078 to pay for your prescription and you will be informed when your prescription will be dispatched.

  • Step three

    Your prescription will be dispensed and dispatched direct to the address of your choosing.



All manufacturing & supply of prescriptions will be carried out by PCCA Ltd t/a The Specials Laboratory – a market leader in the manufacture and supply of ‘specials’. They have over 18 years’ experience in the manufacture of bespoke medicines in a high quality MHRA licensed manufacturing facility by fully trained staff. They are both regulated and inspected by the MHRA.

Both Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) are employed throughout the business ensuring manufacturing and supply at the highest quality. Some pharmacies manufacture under ‘section 10’ (sometimes termed as ‘compounding’) whereas The Specials Laboratory manufacture under an MHRA MS (Specials) licence ensuring quality standards exceed those set as a minimum achievement by the relevant authorities.


Both Customised 4U Pharmacy and The Specials Laboratory are owned by Professional Compounding Centres of America (PCCA) and are part of the PCCA family, bringing with it over 20 years’ experience in the formulation, education and supply of HRT products. PCCA bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and cutting edge technology to the UK HRT market.

We look forward to discussing your requirements.